International Student Service

The aim of International Pen Friends is to provide a channel of communication for people of all nations, so they can learn to understand, respect and live in harmony with each other. We recognise that teachers and students have a vital role to play in the development of international friendship. To make this potential a reality, we have created our Special Student Services, a comprehensive programme available for Teachers, School Classes, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and all Youth Groups aged 10-17 years.

Benefits & Fun

A large number of our members are students. Many teachers enrol their classes year after year. Through the pen friend hobby, students have the opportunity to learn not only good writing techniques and develop their existing hobbies, but can also gain a deeper understanding of such subjects as: History, Geography, Literature and Art. Above all, they have an excellent chance to develop their language skills which will be extremely valuable in later life. Learning a language is much more than just reciting verb conjugations and reading grammar books. Learning need not be boring!

Give your students the chance to experience the excitement of learning about foreign lands and their traditions and to establish long-lasting friendships regardless of borders! As friendship develops between correspondents, visits can be made, adding yet another dimension to the pen friend experience.

While International Pen Friends actively promotes the art of letter writing, we take a broad view of technology and encourage students to exchange e-mail addresses and combine a range of communication methods into the penfriend hobby, if the pen friends so choose. However, we do not use the Internet to match penfriends which provides a greater degree of safety by eliminating the problems that may be experienced by contacting people over the Internet.

How It Works

Our services are available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Each student receives a list of 4 addresses of IPF members in their age group. The name and home address of each student in the school group will also be passed to 10 other club members during the year. This provides the best opportunity for each student to gain many pen friends. To enable us to provide this 'back up' service, the home addresses of the students must be given on the application form. The lists are sent to the teacher for distribution to the students.

This service is available for your students for just €4.50 (£4 / US$ 5.50) per student. To participate in the school service you will need to enrol a minimum of 10 students. Our Booklet on Letter Writing and Penfriend Hints and our digital Club Magazine are also available for subscription for Youth Groups.

Our mascots Holly and TedTeachers who enrol school classes with International Pen Friends are entitled to a 50% discount off adult admission rates if they wish to participate.

Discover the fascinating world of penfriends together!


School Class Pen Friend Journeys

There is a section in our magazine People & Places where teachers who have joined classes with us during the previous 12 months can submit an article and photos detailing the pen friend experiences of their students. The submission could be a story about a particular studentīs experience, class photo, general information about the pen friend experiences of the students, class project involving the pen friend hobby etc. Each submission published wins US$100 for the school to put towards its fundraising.