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We will send the list of addresses of penfriends to the person in charge. The name and home address of each student will also be passed to 10 other club members during the year.

Please Note: To participate in the service for youth groups a minimum of 10 students must be enrolled.

The printable application form can be found here.

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*Special Notes: Although we have student members in many countries, they may not all be able to correspond in your language. For example, a very young Danish student may not be able to correspond in English. We always try to match country requests, but there may also be other countries on the pen friend lists.

Student Details

Please complete the sections below in respect of each student. It is important that the correct year of birth and home address is stated in each instance. If you wish to enrol more students than the minimum of 10, please copy the sections as many times as needed.

Service Fees

The service fee per student is 5 € (or £4.50 or US$ 6 or equivalent in any currency).

Please enter the total number of students you wish to enrol: (Please Note: To participate in the group service a minimum of 10 students must be enrolled.)
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DM Service - Subscription for one Digital Magazine 7€ £6 $8
B1 - Booklet on Letter Writing and Penfriend Hints (a pdf file) 6€ £5 $7

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Please see the Service Fees section for more details. List of currencies we accept.

We regret we cannot accept Cheques or Money Orders due to the high cost of cashing them.

Important: Please check your address details are correct before submitting the application!

P.S. We apologise we cannot process applications received without payment.