Membership Information

How It Works

After you join International Pen Friends, you are provided with an individual list of between 4-14 penfriend addresses. The number of addresses on your list depends on the service you join under. We may decide to slightly increase the number of addresses on your list to provide you with an opportunity to gain extra pen friends.

During the 12 months of your membership, your address is also circulated to 10-14 IPF members worldwide whose addresses do not appear on your pen friend list. We may decide to slightly increase the number of times your address is circulated to other members to provide you with the opportunity to gain extra pen friends. You may receive letters from countries you did not select which can be a nice surprise.

If you feel you are not happy with the number of letters you receive, you can always ask for one extra list of 10 addresses for which there is an affordable fee.

Your membership expires automatically after 12 months. Naturally, you can continue correspondence with your pen friends for as long as you like after your membership has expired. In fact, many people make lifelong friends! If you want new pen friends after this period, you may renew your membership for another year by submitting a new application. If you do not want your address circulated anymore before the expiry date, please notify us as soon as possible.

How we Choose Your Penfriends

You will be matched according to your areas of interest, language(s) and countries you have selected - based on availability. Sometimes it happens that pen friends in the exact countries you requested are not available at the time your application is processed. In this case we will provide you with pen friends from other countries. We will also try to find pen friends from the countries you require during the course of your membership and we will ask them to communicate directly with you.

The pen friends you will receive on your list will be in your age group. Children will be matched with pen friends aged +/- 1 year, teenagers +/- 2 years. For services C5 upwards the matched pen friendsī ages can vary more.

The Good Old Postal Mail

Even though our penfriend club is represented on the Internet, we do not use the Internet to match penfriends. Our objective is to keep the art of letter writing alive and to use that form of communication to encourage worldwide friendship. Many people do not have access to computers and the Internet. Thatīs why we only match pen friends by postal addresses. We do not currently show e-mail addresses on pen friend lists but many members exchange e-mail addresses and you may incorporate a variety of communication methods into the penfriend hobby as long as the opportunity is given on both sides.


Many of our members become lifelong friends and some even get married. However, we must stress that our Club is not a matrimonial bureau or a dating agency. Our function is simply to provide pen friends.

All sincere people are welcome into our penfriend club but we will not grant admission to people who are serving prison sentences.

Please Note: We ask that members allow approximately 4 weeks for the return of their list of pen friends.