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Student Service Application Form

Please print out this form and return with your Student Details Form(s) and admission fee to:
International Pen Friends, Virpi Taivassalo, Meesakatu 2 C 78, 33400 Tampere, Finland

A list of addresses of penfriends will be sent to the School Class. The name and home address of each student in the school group will also be passed to 10 other club members during the year.

Full Name of Teacher (or person in charge): ____________________________________________________
Name of School: ______________________________________ Class, Grade or Reference: ________
School Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ Post/Zip Code: _____________________
Country: _____________________________
Teacherīs E-mail: _______________________________________________________
Please sign to confirm that the information you have provided is correct: ____________________
Office Use Only: Membership Number: 8456___________________________
Do your students require male or female correspondents or both? ______________________________
How or where did you learn about our Club? ________________________________________________
Underline whichever items are of general interest to your students: Animals, antiques, art, astrology, camping, cars, chess, computers, cooking, crafts, dancing, environment, exchange holidays, farming, fashion, fishing, gardening, genealogy, health & fitness, history, internet, languages, literature, movies, music, philately, philosophy, photography, reading, religion, science, social work, sport, theatre, travel, writing
Exchange of Articles: Cards, stamps, souvenirs, dolls, books, CDs
Please underline AT LEAST 8 COUNTRIES in which you would like to have pen friends.
AFRICA: Algeria, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, South Africa, Africa General, Indian Ocean Islands General THE AMERICAS: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, South/Central America General ASIA/PACIFIC: Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Asia General, Pacific Islands General WESTERN EUROPE: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Wales, Western Europe General EASTERN EUROPE: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, CIS, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe General MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Middle East General

Special Notes: Although we have student members in many countries, they may not all be able to correspond in your language. For example, a very young Danish student may not be able to correspond in English. We always try to match country requests, but there may also be other countries on the pen friend lists.

Service Fees

Tick Services Required:
[ ] S1 Service - For 10 students aged 10-17.................................................. € 45      £ 40      US$55
[ ] S2 Service - For 20 students aged 10-17.................................................. € 90      £ 80      US$110
[ ] S3 Service - For 30 students aged 10-17.................................................. € 135    £ 120    US$165
[ ] DM Service - Subscription for one digital Club Magazine.......................... € 6        £ 6        US$7
[ ] B1 Service - Booklet on Letter Writing and Penfriend Hints....................... € 5       £ 5         US$6
Total of Students: ______ Magazine Subscription: ______ Total Number of Booklets Required: ______
Please Note: To participate in the school service you will need to enrol a minimum of 10 students. If the number of the students you wish to enrol is not exactly 10, 20 or 30, as mentioned in the above services, please attach the correct fee per student, based on the rates shown above. You may enrol your school class for €4.50 or £4 or 5.50 US$ per student. For example, a school class of 12 students would cost €54 (£48 / US$66). Service fees are quoted in Euro, Pound Sterling and in US Dollar but payment can also be made using any other currency for the equivalent amount.
The service fee should be paid by: Cash Notes or Euro Bank Transfer through Nordea Bank Finland Plc IBAN: FI2523622100048671 BIC/SWIFT: NDEAFIHH to Virpi Taivassalo. You can also pay on the Internet using PayPal (https://www.paypal.com) to the account: payments@ipfworld.com. Please note: We cannot accept Cheques or Money Orders as a method of payment.